Search for data within your own KML and KMZ files. (CSV, GPX, Shapefile, spatialite, file geodatabase formats are also supported). KML Search Tool supports searching not only by name but also by text attribute information within popup balloons.


Navigate to search results using links. From a compatible KML viewer (Google Earth™ or ArcGIS Explorer™), you can click on a result link to fly to a map feature.

Free Text

Specify keywords in the search box and include wildcards. You can also use boolean operators to perform a complex search or to enter multiple query terms.

Drill Down

Refine your search by drilling down with intuitive segmentation. You can narrow it down by selecting additional restrictive values.

Spatial Filter

Include in your search other placemarks that overlap with your search results and perform spatial intersection analysis with your data.

Save Results

You have the option to search and filter your data. Filtered data are sent to a compatible KML viewer (Google Earth™ or ArcGIS Explorer™) and may be exported to a new file.