Complete Fraction Calculator for iPhone: Handles complete fraction math with support for feet-fraction and inch-fraction numbers. Includes History Tape with easy recall.

* Everyday uses:

  • Help your kids with fraction math including converting decimal to fraction and back
  • Compute length calculation in feet and inches such as 10 ft minus 3 ½ in
  • Find out the area for a room, deck, or lot size in square feet or acre such as 42 ½ ft by 112 ¾ ft
  • Find out how many 13x13 tiles you need for a 100 square feet room

Feet & Inches Calculator

* Feet-inch-fraction, inch-fraction entry and display
  • Enter as fraction directly – no need to enter as decimal
  • One-click to convert between decimal and fraction with 1/64 th inch precision
  • Option to round off to 1/32 nd, 1/16 th, 1/8 th, etc.
  • Compute area calculation in square feet, square inch, and acre

Complete Fraction Calculator

* Add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions
  • Calculator solves everyday fraction problems fast
  • Fraction reduced to simplest form
  • Mixed fraction display
  • One-click to convert between decimal and fraction

Other Features

  • Advanced functions accessible with swipes
  • History Tape saves past calculations with easy recall function and starred memory function
  • Backspace function
  • SIN, COS, square, and square root calculations
  • Note: Currently does not handle volume units

Technical Support

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